Managing Editors:
Dariusz Milczarek, Professor Emeritus, PhD, Centre for Europe, University of Warsaw, Poland
Silvo Devetak, Professor Emeritus, PhD, Faculty of Law, University of Maribor, Slovenia; ISCOMET, Slovenia
Ioan Horga, PhD, University of Oradea, Romania
Anthony M. Gould, PhD, Laval University, Canada
Tara Smith, PhD, University of Texas at Austin, USA
Associate Editors:
Technical Editor and IT Consultant:
Language Redaction:

Editorial Team Composition:

North Macedonia: 7 (1 Editor-In-Chief, 1 Managing Editor, 3 Associate Editors, 1 Technical Editor and 1 Language Redaction); Poland: 2; Italy: 5; Slovenia: 2; Romania: 4; Canada: 1; USA: 4; Kosovo: 4; Serbia: 2; Albania: 1; Portugal: 1; United Arab Emirates: 1; Australia: 1; UK: 4; Russian Federation: 1; Bulgaria: 1; Croatia: 2; Peru: 1; Georgia: 1; Turkey: 2; Japan: 1; Brazil: 2; Ireland: 1; Montenegro: 1; India: 2; France: 1; Indonesia: 1; Thailand: 1; Pakistan: 1; Greece: 1; Republic of South Africa: 1.

Total Editorial Team Members: 59

The composition of the Editorial Team is subject to updating based on the evolving needs of the journal and the active participation of members in its operations. Updates may occur unilaterally or upon mutual agreement, as outlined in the Letter of Agreement signed with the journal publisher upon joining the Editorial Team.