Bashkim Rrahmani

Bashkim Rrahmani is an expert and assistant professor at the “AAB College” – Faculty of Public Administration and the Faculty of Law. He has graduated Law at the Prishtina University; finished post-graduate studies at the London Metropolitan University and gained a doctoral degree at the European University, profile: International Public Law. The publication list contains papers, chapters, and monographs emphasizing International Law and the EU Law and their role in the modern world; constitutional protection of human rights and international human rights especially minority rights; EU integrations; Constitutional control, Public administration, etc. He is the author of the books: “Statusi Juridik Nderkombetari Kosoves ne pervite”, Shtepia Botuese Buzuku – Prishtine, 2019 and “The State of Scanderbeg. Institutions and the Applied Law” ADJURIS – International Academic Publisher, ISBN:978-606-94978-4-5 (E-Book) (2020). He has also translated the book from English to Albanian: “The nonconformists – Culture, Politics, and Nationalism in a Serbian Intellectual Circle, 1944-1992”, Author Nick Miller, published by CEU, (“Jokonformistet – Kultura, Politika dhe Nacionalizminë Rrethin Intelektual Serb, 1944-1991). He serves as the advisor for a number of NGOs and currently is the board member of the Kosovo Gender Study Center.