Ozgun Erler Bayir

Ozgun Erler Bayir was born in Turkey in 1980. She holds an, BA (2002), MA (2004), and a Ph.D. (2011) in International Relations from Istanbul University. She is a faculty member at the Department of Political Sciences and International Relations, Faculty of Political Sciences, Istanbul University. She is an expert on foreign policy, diplomacy, security studies, European studies, EU policies, and Eastern European politics. Her Ph.D. thesis is titled “Dilemma between Atlanticism and Europeanization in Poland’s Foreign Policy”. She has been Turkey's coordinator of an international project named “Poland and Turkey in Europe: Common Targets Different Experiences” sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland. She also coordinated three local projects sponsored by Scientific Research Projects of Istanbul University.

She is the Jean Monnet Module Chair at Istanbul University on "Future of EU: Security, Economy and Transatlantic Relationship - FUTUREU" (2020-2023). She is also the Coordinator of the Erasmus+ KA2 project titled "Digital Diplomacy: Building the Common Future with Technology" (DD-Tech) between the years 2022-2025. Besides, she is the Project Coordinator of "Youth Vision for the Future of Turkey-NATO Relations (YoutheNATO)", NATO Public Diplomacy Division Grants during 2022 and she is also the Project Coordinator of TUBITAK 3005 - Support Program for Innovative Solutions Research Project in Social Sciences titled "Reconciling Social Sciences and Space: Shaping the Future with Interdisciplinary Perspective to the New Space Ecosystem" (2022-2024).

She has published articles on several international relations issues in journals such as “Polish Quarterly of International Affairs” and “International Journal of Turcology.” She has written a book on “Poland’s Foreign Policy” in the Turkish language and has been an editor of a book titled; “Foreign Policy: A Comparative Analysis”. In addition, she was a publication coordinator of the edited book “Turkish Foreign Policy Analyses in 21st Century”. She participated in many international conferences such as CEEISA, WISC, IBAC, etc. She has written several book chapters both in Turkish and in English. Some of them are: “Quincy Wright”, in Theories of War, “Eastward Enlargement and the New Vision of NATO: Positions of Russia, Poland and Turkey”, in Poland and Turkey in Europe, “Theoretical Debates on Security After the Cold War”, in Theoretical Debates in International Relations, “From Neorealist School to Neoclassical Realist School in International Relations” in Contemporary Approaches from Theory to Practice in International Relations… Besides, she is the guest editor of "Special Issue on Polish Foreign Policy in 21st Century", Siyasal: Journal of Political Sciences, Istanbul University, 3/2022 vol: 31, (suppl.1). Some of the articles she published in journals are: "A New Challenger in European Politics: Rethinking Poland's International Relations Agenda", Special Issue on Polish Foreign Policy in 21st Century, Siyasal - Journal of Political Sciences, 3/2022 (suppl.1) pp.1-10; "New Space: The European Union's Evolving Space Policy and Changing European Space Ecosystem", Studia Europejskie - Studies in European Affairs, 4/2021, pp.113-132; “Challenges for EU in the Middle East: Use of Soft Power”, StudiaEuropejskie, No: 2 (78) 2016, pp.9-19; “The Perception of Russia in Poland and Turkey: A Comparative Analysis”, The Polish Quarterly of International Affairs, 2015, Vol:24, No: 1, pp: 113-121; “Cyprus Issue In Turkish-Russian Relations", International Journal of Turcologia, Spring 2014, Vol.9, No.17, pp: 89-101; “International Regimes Regarding the Environmental Issues”, Istanbul University Journal of Faculty of Political Sciences, Oct. 2012, No: 47, pp.247-289.  

Besides, she was a co-director of an ECPR Workshop (43rd Joint Sessions of Workshops in 2015 took place at the University of Warsaw. The 11th Workshop was on “Political Systems in Central and Eastern Europe and Southern Europe – Comparative Studies”. During her PhD research, she was at Warsaw University for one year long as a visiting scholar and she learned the Polish language in POLONICUM at Warsaw University. She can speak English, German, and Polish. She had also short study visits to Oxford University, UK; Central European University, Hungary; Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Auswertige Politics; Germany; Freiburg University and Heidelberg University; Germany.

Her native language is Turkish. She was Faculty Erasmus Coordinator from 2008 to 2015. She was the vice head of the Department of Political Sciences and International Relations at the Faculty of Political Sciences, Istanbul University between 2018-2020.In addition, she teaches several undergraduate and postgraduate courses; some of them are on Turkish Foreign Policy, Introduction to IR, Comparative Foreign Policy Analysis, Foreign Policy Analysis, Jean Monnet Module - Future of EU: Security, Economy, and Transatlantic Relationship, Turkey and EU Relations, Security Studies, Polish Foreign Policy, Eastern European Politics, European Integration etc. She is on the Editorial Board of Stosunki Miedzynarodowe, International Relations Journal at Warsaw University. She is a member of International Relations Council in Turkey.