Daniele Battista

Daniele Battista holds a PhD in Social Theory, Digital Innovation, and Public Policies from the Department of Political and Social Studies at the University of Salerno. His main areas of interest include political communication, digital innovation, and everything related to media theory. He is a Research Fellow at the Department of Business Sciences - Management & Innovation Systems at the University of Salerno, within the framework of the project "Social Media and Electoral Campaigns: The Impact of Information Disorder." He is a member of the Editorial Committee of Metis Journal of Sociology and serves on the Editorial Board of "Humanities & Social Sciences Communications." Over the years, he has participated as a leader or member of numerous research groups and as a speaker or member of the organizing committee at various national and international conferences. Among his recent publications are "TikTok Politics: Influenze e Interazioni Sociali" (Mimesis, 2024), "The Road to AI: Pathways and Obstacles" (Societes, 163, 55-72), and "Political and Gender Narratives: An Immersion in Contemporary Italy Through the Social Lens on Women Leaders" (Comunicacion y Genero, 6, 89-99).


Email: dbattista@unisa.it