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Ljupco Ristovski


Morality and ethics are among the most influential factors affecting society’s development throughout history. There is a slight difference between the terms ethics and morality. Ethics derives from mankind’s experience throughout history and in actuality it represents the essence of the ethical rules and principles derived from the human understanding of the differentiation between good and evil. Whereas morality defers from this definition of ethics in the sense that morality has its origin in religion and theology. Morality in politics or the Moral politics has gradually succeeded in conquering the public scene. The contemporary world that we live in today is facing many challenges that have a moral auspice; humankind needs more answers. An adequate academic approach is needed and further public discussion entails. Societal involvement is crucial in any attempts of finding the most appropriate response to the challenges of the modern world encumbered by ethical and moral issues.


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Ristovski, L. (2020). MORALITY AND ETHICS IN POLITICS IN THE CONTEMPORARY SOCIETIES. Journal of Liberty and International Affairs, 2(3), 83-93. Retrieved from
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Ljupco Ristovski, INTEGRA - Institute for Virtues and Value Based Politics, Republic of Macedonia

Dr. Ljupco Ristovski, PhD, ThD is from Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. His education is three fold i.e. graduated economist, politologist and theologian with two doctorates; one in the field of political sciences from the European University Republic of Macedonia, and the other being Doctoral Studies in Theology from the Atlantic Coast College of Religious Studies Florida, USA. Dr. Ristovski was working for the last 15 years in the Government of the Republic of Macedonia as a State Counselor for policy analyses and co-ordination, and for the last ten years as head of different departments/units previously. His passion is preaching the Gospel and he is officially appointed lay preacher in the United Methodist Church in Skopje, Macedonia. He is leading two NGO's, MARAN ATHA - Macedonian Christian Evangelical Mission and INTEGRA - Institute for Virtues and Value Based Politics As a member of the European Leadership Forum he is an active participant in many European political events, promoting the values, virtues and integrity in politics. His working experience is in business as well. He is doing business in the field of petrochemicals, chemistry and food.

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