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Dusko Tomic
Eldar Saljic
Mohamed Badine El Yattioui


According to the International Monetary Fund, the People’s Republic of China is nowadays the largest economic power in the world. Therefore, it is unsurprising that China was represented in nearly every global market. Contrary to the belief that Chinese investments in underdeveloped countries should lead to their development and improvements in standards, Peking was accused of using the countries in development to strengthen its economy and to increase its political influence. The modus operandi was allegedly a striking example of projecting soft power in the expansion of hard power in many regions worldwide. The combination of economy, trade, investments and security questions was clear. This phenomenon was evident in Africa because China had a special and robust economic and geostrategic interest in this region. This research critically analyzed how this strategy can be considered a new security paradigm. In addition, there was a straightforward project from the Chinese government to extend this model to other regions to obtain global leadership.     


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Tomic, D. ., Saljic, E. ., & El Yattioui, M. B. . (2022). SPECIFIC PROJECTION OF CHINA’S SOFT POWER IN AFRICA: A NEW SECURITY PARADIGM. Journal of Liberty and International Affairs, 8(3), 368-377. https://doi.org/10.47305/JLIA2283368t
Author Biographies

Dusko Tomic, American University in the Emirates-Dubai, UAE

Professor Dusko Tomic is a full Professor in the College of Security and Global Studies, at American University in the Emirates. His research interests include security and risk management, where he has more than 20 years of experience in the area of disaster and risk prevention and sanitation, and risk management of emergency situations. He completed his Doctoral degree in Political Sciences and graduated from Belgrade University in 2009. Professor Tomic is the author of nine monographs and published books and over 30 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters related to security, terrorism, intelligence system, and emergency management. He is a member of the International Police Association and the Commercial Crime Bureau at the World Commercial Organization since 2001 He was also the chief risk manager of Universidad 2009 in Belgrade, Serbia.

Eldar Saljic, American University in the Emirates-Dubai, UAE

Dr. Eldar Saljic is an Associate Professor of Criminal Justice and Security. He graduated from the Faculty of Criminology, (BA) in Criminalistics and Security Studies, University of Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) with Cum Laude. He holds a Master's degree in Criminology, Policing and Security and a PhD in Terrorism from Department of Law of the University of Novi Pazar. Dr. Eldar has been working at the Department of Law of the University of Novi Pazar in Serbia. During the course of his work, he published three books in the field of terrorism and security, and one dealing with the issues of victimization. Has published over 60 scientific papers in the field of terrorism and security. He participated on over 60 scientific expert conferences. He was also the first administrator of the Legal Clinic at the University of Novi Pazar, which was engaged in providing free legal aid.

Mohamed Badine El Yattioui, American University in the Emirates-Dubai, UAE

Dr. Mohamed Badine El Yattioui is an Assistant Professor of International Affairs and Strategy in the CSGS at the American University in the Emirates. He is a practice-oriented academic with extensive academic experience in areas of geopolitics, history of international relations, international negotiations, international political economy and international security. He taught in France, Mexico and Morocco. Dr. El Yattioui holds a PhD with specialization in Political Science from the University of Lyon, and a master's degree in International Relations following a degree in History from the same French university. Research interests of Dr. Mohamed Badine El Yattioui are related to geopolitics and international security. He is an author of numerous conference papers, articles and books. He has a number of successful media appearances (Morocco, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Turkey and Russia) on the above mentioned topics.