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William Barclay


This essay demonstrates that, although modern liberals incessantly promote the EU as a living exemplar for the virtues of contemporary liberalism and basic, unrestrictive, migration policies, the experiences of innumerable contemporary EU states, such as France, contradict these spurious claims, since, instead of becoming enriched or improved, countless EU states have deteriorated and become fraught with social conflict, insecurity, and instability, as a result of their minimally restrictive, liberal, migration policies and consequent penetration with foreign, inherently contradictory ideology. Furthermore, this essay demonstrates that, despite the ignorant exclamations of modern liberals, the inviolable patriarch of liberalism, the Baron de Montesquieu, in addition to the pre-eminent, indispensable, paterfamilias of realism, Niccolò Machiavelli, explicitly confirm that, if any state fails to adequately restrict the migration of people and ideas across its borders, then that state will inevitably become penetrated by a foreign, inherently contradictory, ideology, and, consequently, eviscerated by unrelenting insecurity.


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Barclay, W. (2020). NICCOLÒ MACHIAVELLI, THE BARON DE MONTESQUIEU AND THE DESTABILIZING EFFECTS OF INTERNATIONAL MIGRATION. Journal of Liberty and International Affairs, 2(3), 9-29. Retrieved from
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William Barclay, Carleton University, Canada

William Barclay, from Ottawa (Canada), received a B.A. Honours in Political Science with a Concentration in Political Theory and a Minor in Philosophy from Carleton University in June of 2016. William has been published by various august international organizations and peer-reviewed publications, such as the 'Aga Khan Foundation' and the 'Journal of Liberty and International Affairs'. Moreover, William has been invited to present his research at myriad, illustrious, international conferences, such as the '2016 EPSA Annual Conference', the '2016 IPSA World Congress', the '2016 IAPSS World Congress', and the '12th Annual Graduate Conference in Political Science, International Relations, and Public Policy in Memory of Yitzhak Rabin'. In addition, William is a prodigious debater and has already successfully captained two Oxford Debate teams to decisive victories against staunch competition: firstly, during the 2015 Oxford Debate in Prague on "National Security vs. Individual Freedoms", and, secondly, during the 2016 Oxford Debate in Berlin on 'The Rise of Populist Parties: Is it a Benefit or Problem for Democracy?' Furthermore, William was invited by the Canadian Political Science Association to the 2016 CPSA Annual Conference, in order to compete in the 'Graduate 3-Minute Thesis Competition', where, despite the fact that he had not yet even received his Bachelor's degree, William finished second overall in Canada. William has been the recipient of numerous awards, such as 'IAPSS Ambassador', Carleton University's 'Research and Travel Award', andcountless 'Honours' for his various essays, such as the wildly successful Liberty, Security, and the Degenerative Cycle of Democracy.

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