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Isabel David


In the long course of human evolution and political experimentation, liberal democracy, especially after the
events of 1989, has come to be seen as the best political system. In fact, we seemed to have reached the only
system compatible with liberty, after the dreadful experiences of Communist and Nazi totalitarianism, and its
twin in the economic realm - capitalism. But is liberalism really conducive to freedom? I argue that evil – or
totalitarianism – arises from the combination of both the Platonic and Augustinian views: ignorance of values
and the pursuit of one’s egotistic desires. Evil has an essentially private nature. In this sense, totalitarianism
may arise from a utilitarian culture that sees people – or some forms of knowledge – as worthless and
disposable objects.


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David, I. (2020). RETHINKING LIBERAL DEMOCRACY: PRELUDE TO TOTALITARIANISM. Journal of Liberty and International Affairs, 1(1). Retrieved from
Author Biography

Isabel David, School of Social and Political Sciences Universidade de Lisboa (University of Lisbon)

Isabel David has a PhD from the School of Social and Political Sciences, Universidade de Lisboa (University of Lisbon). The title of her thesis is "Post-Kemalism? The New Balance of Power in Turkey". Isabel David is currently an Assistant Professor at the School of Social and Political Sciences. She has published several chapters in edited volumes and an entry ("Covenant") on the Encyclopedia of Political Science, George T. Kurian (Editor in Chief), CQ Press, 2011. Her latest publication, as an editor (with Prof. Kumru Toktamis), is intitled Everywhere Taksim: Sowing the Seeds for a New Turkey at Gezi, Amsterdam University Press (forthcoming). Professor David is currently working on a publication on post-islamism in Turkey. She is a reviewer for Insight Turkey and Sociology of Islam and a member of the editorial board of Sociology of Islam.

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