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Francesco Trupia


This article aims to examine the ethnic minorities’ state of affairs in light of the constitutional reforms in Armenia since President Serzh Sargsyan decided to open the consultations with the parliamentary factions in November 2005. Policy-makers and representatives on behalf of ethnic minority groups have been taking relevantly place at the recent wave of democratic protests throughout the process of constitutional reforms in order to entrench a more stable multiparty system, an independent judiciary, new balances between State and civic society. Hence, what is the reason to endorse those tiny ethnic groups such as wealth of minority rights and political recognition? Why have ethnic Armenian minority groups not had objections or particular regrets in the constitutional reform processes? In turn, may this high level of internal recognition of ethnic minority groups foster assistance to Armenian minorities and protect Armenian heritage into the de facto entities of the South Caucasus?


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Trupia, F. . (2021). THE CONSTITUTIONAL REFORM AND THE POSITION OF ETHNIC MINORITES IN THE REPUBLIC OF ARMENIA . Journal of Liberty and International Affairs, 2(2), 20-28. Retrieved from
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Francesco Trupia, Caucasus Resource Research Centre (CRRC), Armenia

Francesco Trupia, from Agrigento (Italy), is a Political Analyst at the "Alpha - Institute of Geopolitics and Intelligence" and International Fellow at the "Caucasus Resource Research Centre-Armenia" based in Yerevan. Trupia held his B.A. in Political Science and International Relations from the University of Catania (Italy) in February 2014, and his M.A. in Political Philosophy with a major in Multiculturalism and the Theory of Minority Rights from Sofia University St. KlimentOhridski (Bulgaria) in July 2016, where he is currently a PhD candidate. Since spring 2014, Trupia has been involved in a wide range of European projects in Bulgaria at the "Ngo Focus" with unvoiced groups and at the "2015-2016 Sofia Refugee Project". Meanwhile, Trupia interned the Italian journal "Eurasia-Rivista di StudiGeopolitici" and the "Osservatorio di PoliticaInternazionale" (OPI) acting as Adjunct Fellow. Besides, Trupiais currently an International Observer for the local election in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in September 2016 he was a panelist at the International Conference "Political Mobilization of Ethnic Minorities and Anti-Minority Discourse in Europe" at Babe?-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca (Romania). As a result of his interest and consistent effort to improve his knowhow and soft-skills, Trupiais taking parting in many training and Summer Courses in Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Georgia, Turkey, Germany, and Poland. Trupia is investigating the geopolitical issues over the Nagorno-Karabakh rivalry from where he reported for Alpha Institute the last peak of military escalation in the early April 2016.