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Muhamet J. Spahiu
Betim J. Spahiu


This paper examined the factors that influenced the Gross Domestic Product growth (GDP) in the post-Covid-19 period in Kosovo. This paper explored the impact of consumption, remittances, exports, imports, and inflation on Kosovo's GDP growth using fixed effects regression analysis with data from various secondary sources to analyze their impact from Kosovo's perspective. The results demonstrated that consumption, remittances, and exports had a statistically significant influence on GDP growth during the post-pandemic economic lockdown stage, whereby imports and inflation had a little inverse relation. Further, the Hausman test statistics on the adequacy of the fixed-effect model selection represent a superior performance compared to the random effect model. The paper is the first that extensively explores the impact of these factors that drove GDP growth in the post-pandemic period in Kosovo's economy. The novelty of this paper is that it recognizes the response of governments to the pandemic and accurately identifies the macroeconomic factors that influenced GDP growth.       


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Spahiu, M. J. ., & Spahiu, B. J. . (2022). THE FACTORS INFLUENCING GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT GROWTH IN THE POST-PANDEMIC PERIOD: THE CASE OF KOSOVO. Journal of Liberty and International Affairs, 8(2), 136-149.
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Muhamet J. Spahiu, College of International Management GLOBUS - Prishtina, Kosovo

Muhamet Spahiu was born in Suhareka Municipality, the Republic of Kosovo. He is an economist who graduated from the Faculty of Economy, University of Prishtina. After 8 years of experience in different organizations and sectors, he decided to have a carrier and academic life. The process of state creation in Kosovo made him possible to work and be experienced in international organizations, mostly in humanitarian missions, banks, international private companies, and public institutions. More than a decade of experience in wide economic sectors made him inspired for more qualifications. After graduating with a master's studies, in 2012 he started doctoral studies for "European Union Law and International Business Law" at the European Center for Peace and Development of the University of Peace, founded by the United Nation. He defended his first Ph.D. in the dissertation "Development of Kosovo in Bottom-Up Approach and acquired the scientific degree "Doctor of Juridical Sciences". While he was in process of doctoral studies at the University of Peace started another Ph.D. in "Economics", at the International University of Struga. 15 days after the first dissertation, he acquired a scientific degree for the second time and became "A Doctor of Economic Sciences". Since 2014 he worked as a lecturer Professor of Project Management (since he was certified project Manager by Project Management Institute, Pennsylvania) and Economic European Integration, in International College Globus, Prishtina. During these years, he continued to work, mostly as an external expert in different organizations. Resent days he is a well-known expert in bottom-up economic development, procurement, and public finance. He was a participant and speaker in many international conferences, organized by World Bank and international organizations. Past two years he published five articles for different journals and many articles for International Conferences.

Betim J. Spahiu, College of International Management GLOBUS - Prishtina, Kosovo

Born in 1981 in Samadrexhe-Suhareke. The primary school was completed in Samadrexhë and high school in the Gymnasium "Jeta e Re" in Suhareka. After high school in the academic year 2000-2001 he started higher studies at the Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy-Sociology of the University of Pristina, which he completed according to the program in 2005. After graduating from the Basic Studies in the academic year 2010-2011, he started his Master's studies at the College of International Management "Globus", Pristina, at the Faculty of Economics - Department of Management. In 2018 he received a doctorate in economic sciences, respectively in Management, earning the title of Doctor of Economic Sciences at the International University of Struga in Struga - North Macedonia. Since 2006 he has worked with various duties as a teacher of Sociology and Civic Education at the high school "Jeta e Re" Suhareka, head of the Department of Management in several private companies "Victoria Invest International" "Newco Mirusha L.L.C." CMA. In 2019 and until now he has worked mainly in the College of International Management "Globus" Faculty of Economics as a lecturer. He has written many scientific articles and papers and applied them in management field studies, as a first author or even as a co-author. He is a lecturer in three subjects in Bachelor and Master studies.