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Joana Kosho
Elda Zotaj


Albania’s national interest is the integration into the European Union. To fulfill this objective, every state component, public institutions, civil society, the media, and the citizens, play a very important role. The main focus of this paper is the public sphere, the attitudes of Albanian citizens toward the EU membership, and their role in the process. By applying qualitative and quantitative methods, the main theories of the field, global and regional indexes, studies, surveys, interviews, and personal observations, we aim to focus on the citizens' attitudes toward the EU membership process. Our in-depth analyses have shown that the Albanian institutions, CSOs, and media to inform and include the citizens in the Europeanization process have not been effective enough. Thus, there is a knowledge gap between sensitive groups and the other part of society.       


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Kosho, Joana, and Elda Zotaj. 2022. “THE INCLUSION AND EXCLUSION OF CITIZENS IN THE EUROINTEGRATION PROCESS OF ALBANIA ”. Journal of Liberty and International Affairs 8 (2):119-35. .
Author Biographies

Joana Kosho, Aleksander Xhuvani University of Elbasan, Albania

Joana Kosho is a journalism professor, researcher, and journalist. She is a full-time professor at ‘A. Xhuvani’ University, and a part-time lecturer at ‘A. Moisiu’ University, Albania. She holds a PhD in European Studies and European Integration. She has published several academic books like “Broadcast Journalism” and “Television Studies”; and many articles in the fields of media, journalism, public opinion, and European studies.

Elda Zotaj, Aleksandër Moisiu University of Durrës, Albania

Dr. Elda Zotaj holds a PhD in “Diplomacy and International Relations of the EU” from University of Tirana, Institute of European Studies. Since 2009 she has been a full-time lecturer at the Department of Political Science at "Aleksander Moisiu" University on European Integration, International Organizations etc. Dr. Zotaj has authored and co-authored considerable number of publications in peer reviewed journals at regional, national and international conferences in the field of political science.