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Faruk Ahmeti
Nazmi Zeqiri


This paper investigates the readiness of customers to shift toward cashless payment by identifying the main factors that impact that shift. The sample consisted of randomly selected individuals identified as potential users of cashless payment and are considered more likely to continue using the new technology. Five hundred eighty-six questionaries were returned and considered complete for the research. The outcomes were assessed employing CFA for validity and determined using Cronbach’s alpha for the reliability of the research, which was stratified by seven regions throughout the country was applied, by covering all levels of the society. The findings show that the perceived risk is connected to the level of correct and believable information offered to customers. It has been confirmed that the respondents trust cashless payment technology, and at the same time, self-efficacy had a lower impact on usage continuance intention. Consequently, the growth of self-efficacy would strengthen the intention to use cashless technologies. Several segments in the financial market may benefit from the results and develop more appropriate and reliable systems and the proper approach toward customers with needed information and insurance related to the security and benefits they may have by adopting the cashless technology.    


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Ahmeti, F., & Zeqiri, N. . (2022). SWITCHING FROM CASH TO CASHLESS PAYMENTS: CONSUMER BEHAVIOR EVIDENCE FROM KOSOVO . Journal of Liberty and International Affairs, 8(2), 61-74. https://doi.org/10.47305/JLIA2282061a
Author Biographies

Faruk Ahmeti, University “Isa Boletini” - Mitrovice, Kosovo

Dr. Faruk Ahmeti received his Ph.D.degree in Business Administration from Swiss Management University in Switzerland and his MSc in Management and Leadership from Rochester Institute of Technology University, NY-USA. He is a Professor of several courses in the Economic field at the University of Mitrovica (UMIB) in Kosovo and Head of the Economic Engineering Department. Furthermore, he was a professor for several years at the University of Roehampton, Business School, Roehampton – UK, and Liverpool University - UK. He has more than 15 years of experience in higher education and more than 20 years in managerial positions in different multinational companies.

Nazmi Zeqiri, University for Business and Technology, Kosovo

Dr. Nazmi Zeqiri received his Doctor of Business Administration degree from Swiss Management University - Switzerland and his Masters degree in Economics from Staffordshire University-UKHe is a Professor of Economics and Accounting atthe University for Business and Technology (UBT) in Prishtina, Kosovo. Also, he has a long experience as a high-level manager inthe telecommunication industry.