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Ekaterine Lomia
Loid Karchava


Since 2009 Russia has increased its military forces in Abkhazia and South Ossetia and pursued the policy of ‘creeping annexation in the occupied territories of Georgia. Today, 20% of Georgian territories are occupied by the Russian Federation. The Russian-baked separatists continuously erect barbed-wire border posts in one of the occupied regions of Georgia-South Ossetia and detain Georgian people, under the pretext of ‘illegally crossing the border’. Fundamental rights of the local population are violated daily since the occupants install barbers through people’s houses, gardens, and cultivated lands. Innocent citizens are forced to leave their homes, belongings, and cultivated lands that are left beyond the occupants’ demarcation line. The paper argues that along with other global challenges of the world, the USA-Russia clashes of interests are also found with the Georgian conflicts. While Washington hugely supports Georgia’s territorial integrity and welcomes its Euro-Atlantic aspirations, the Russian Federation, on the contrary, prevents the aforementioned process and directly opposes Georgia’s integration into NATO. The USA condemns Russia’s creeping annexation of Georgian territories and continuously calls on Russia to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of an independent country. Furthermore, the USA-Russia relations have considerably deteriorated following Russia’s military intervention in Georgia and the recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia as independent states.


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Lomia , E. ., & Karchava , L. . (2021). GEORGIAN ETHNOPOLITICAL CONFLICT AS A SUBJECT OF CONFRONTATION BETWEEN THE USA AND RUSSIA . Journal of Liberty and International Affairs, 7(2), 90-102.
Author Biographies

Ekaterine Lomia , Faculty of Social Sciences, Caucasus International University - Tbilisi, Georgia

Ekaterine Lomia is a Ph.D candidate in political science at “Caucasus International University”, Tbilisi, Georgia. She is currently employed as a lecturer at “European University”, at the Faculty of Law, Humanities and Social Sciences. She is simultaneously occupied in a quarterly International peer-reviewed scientific-practical magazine “The New Economist” as an assistant of the Editor. She had also been employed at the Higher Education Institution of Georgia “Academy of Education”, as a lecturer, where she was mostly teaching non-Georgian speaking foreign students. She has graduated from the University of Porto, Portugal (2015-2017), defended a Master’s thesis successfully, and was awarded a Master’s degree in international relations. Throughout her studies atthe Bachelor level, she had also been a holder of a state scholarship granted by the former President of Georgia, Michail Saakashvili to the most successful students. In recent years, Ekaterine’s theoretical and practical work has been related to scientific-academic and research activities. She has published scientific papers in Georgian and English languages, both in Georgia and abroad (Ukraine, Turkey, Croatia, Austria, North Macedonia, Kazakhstan) in highly indexed journals (Number of Citations-24). She has actively participated in scientific conferences in Georgia and abroad (France, Ukraine, Hungary, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Kazakhstan, etc.). She has won a number of scholarships for various courses and training in Georgia and abroad, including prestigious Polish, German and Swiss courses. She has experience working as a trainer with the support of a number of NGOs based in Tbilisi.

Loid Karchava , Faculty of Engineering Economics, Media Technologies, and Social Sciences, Georgian Technical University - Tbilisi, Georgia

Loid Karchava is a Doctor of Business Administration, Associate Professor at the Caucasus International University and a Professor at Georgian Technical University. He is the Editor-in-Chef of the International Scientific-Practical Journal “The New Economist”. Since 2016 he has been the Head of the Council of Scientist of Georgia and a member of the editorial board of a number of scientific journals in Georgia. He has experience of working as a Head of the Chancellery Department, Secretary of the Supervisor Board of the JSC “Halyk Bank Georgia” and an Adviser in Economic policy of the Government’s Chancellery of Georgia. In 2015-2016, he was an Adviser of the Economic policy Service of The Tbilisi City Hall. He had also worked as a State Adviser Regional Social-Economic Policy Department, Financial-Budgetary and Credit Policy Department of State Chancellery of the President of Georgia and a Head of Representative office of Japanese Firm “Marubeni Corporation” in Georgia. Loid Karchava had alsoworked as an economist at Economic Planning Department of Rustavi Chemical Factory - “Azoti” and as a State Adviser, Responsible Secretary - Principal State Adviser (Head of Group) of the Governmental Commission of Economic Issues (Council of the economy), of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Georgia. He holds a degree from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, faculty of economics. He is an author of more than 60 scientific works (articles, books).(Number of Citations 29; H-index - 2. i10-index – 1).