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Emilia Alaverdov


The paper aims to analyze the ongoing situation in the European Union member countries caused by modern migration flows. It shows the real impact of refugees and migrants on European demography. It describes the future scenarios of global demographic and social challenges, which lead to the socio-economic and political crisis, and the failure of European political elites. The study mainly is based on the following research methods: descriptive, statistical, and analysis. The basis of the source represents the books, scientific articles, empirical and press materials, documents published on official websites in the field of migration policy. The essence of the modern migration in Europe became very acute since the current migrants are mostly followers of Islam, which in all its aspects and completeness is currently one of the most urgent topics, and draws the special attention of political circles and international clubs. Muslims in Europe are, first, immigrants whose influx into the European continent has seriously changed its demographic picture and political situation. In this regard, it should be said that the growing number of Muslims in Europe is causing certain demographic challenges that significantly affect the European socio-cultural situation, and lead to the financial and political crisis.


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Alaverdov , E. . (2021). THE SECURITY CHALLENGES OF EUROPEAN DEMOGRAPHICS AND POLITICS CAUSED BY THE MODERN MIGRATION CRISIS. Journal of Liberty and International Affairs, 7(2), 31-42.
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Emilia Alaverdov , Georgian Technical University, Georgia

Emilia Alaverdov, Ph.D. in Political Science, associate professor, Faculty of Law and International Relations since 2011. She received her bachelor's degree in Languages and Literature, has been awarded a qualification of Philologist of English Language and Literature and Spanish Language and Literature, Ilia Chavchavadze State University, Tbilisi, Georgia. Has a master's degree in International Relations and Politics from the Diplomatic Academy of Georgia. Member of Editorial board of the following journals and publications: Journal US-China Foreign Language, David Publishing Company, IJOPEC Publication, London-Istanbul; DergiPark Academic; International Journal of Social and Educational Sciences; European Journal of Economics Law and Politics, ELP, IGI Global. She is the editor of 4 books, the author of about 20 scientific papers and co-author of6 books, participant of 8 Erasmus + Projects and more than 50 international scientific conferences (majority abroad), and organizer of various international scientific events. Her research interests are religion, migration, religious tourism, and European and Russian studies. She is fluent in the following languages: English, Russian, Georgian, Azerbaijani, Armenian, and Greek.