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Ljuben Tevdovski
Ile Masalkovski


The intense and dichotomous relationship between orientalism and classicism that has been created over the last decades of the XX century, reaches new dimensions through the rapid scientific growth, the discoveries of new historical sources and artifacts, and, most importantly, through the paradigms change in many scientific disciplines. This development is also influenced by the rapid and multifaceted societal transformations in the intensively globalizing world of the new millennium. In this context, the paper explores the new understandings of these two important conceptions in the research of the past, and their redefined scope and relation in the light of the globalization theories and through the paradigm of ancient globalization.


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Tevdovski , L. ., & Masalkovski, I. (2021). CLASSICISM AND ORIENTALISM IN THE LIGHT OF THE NEW GLOBALIZATION THEORIES. Journal of Liberty and International Affairs, 6(3), 123-136.
Author Biographies

Ljuben Tevdovski , Goce Delchev University - Shtip, North Macedonia

Ljuben Tevdovski, Ph.D. is international expert, lecturer, diplomat, archaeologist, and cultural manager with more than two decades of experience on leading positions in educational, scientific and governmental institutions and NGOs. His core fields of expertise incorporate international relations, history of religion, classical studies and theory and history of archaeology. His research and analyses also involve the scientific areas of cultural studies and cultural and public diplomacy.

Tevdovski served as: Macedonian Ambassador to Canada, Public Diplomacy Advisor and Member of the Foreign Policy Council of the President of Macedonia, Chief of the Department of National Priorities of the MFA, Deputy Director of Research of the Holocaust Fund of the Jews from Macedonia, Director of the Museum of the City of Skopje, Member of the Governing Board of the National Folklore and Dance Ensemble, Chairman of the Scientific Board of the Institute of Cultural Heritage and Archaeology, President of the International Cultural Relations Institute, Lecturer of Cultural and Public Diplomacy on the Macedonian Diplomatic Academy, Assistant Professor in Classical Archaeology and Archaeological Theory on the Institute of History and Archaeology, Goce Delcev University, Editor-in-chief of the Review of the Institute of History and Archaeology, Editor-in-chief of the Journal of Archaeology, History and Anthropology, and Member of the Editorial Boards of numerous journals, such as: Scientific Journal Macedonian Heritage, Macedonian Journal of Foreign Policy Crossroads, Journal of Historical Research – Istrazivanja, Journal of Educational Sciences, Theory and Practice – Vospitanie.

He teaches numerous (BA and MA) courses, including: Ancient Myths and Religions, Early Civilizations, Classical Civilizations, Classical Archaeology, Archaeology of the Middle East, Archaeology of Ritual and Religion, Cultural Anthropology and Negotiation.

Tevdovski wasrepresentative or delegate and collaborated on projects of: UNESCO, Stability Pact for SEE, Central European Initiative, SEECP, UN agencies, Council of Europe, the European Commission and different EU governments.

Ile Masalkovski, Faculty of Law, University “St. Kliment Ohridski” - Bitola, North Macedonia

Ile Masalkovski, Ph.D. is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law, St. KlimentOhridski University – Bitolaand expert and experienced advisor in public relations and protocol. He was engaged in that capacity  at the Economic Chamber of Macedonia and the Office of the President of the Republic of Macedonia. He also served for a decade on the position of Deputy Secretary General of the Office of the President.

Ile Masalkovski has a BA in Political Science and holds MA and a Ph.D. in Public Administration. He is involved as business consultant and mentor of numerous businesses, acted as president and public relations officers of different NGOs and civil coalitions, took part in organizing numerous international projects, conferences and events.

Masalkovski teaches the courses:Contemporary Political Systemsand Local self-government atthe Faculty of Law, St. Kliment Ohridski University – Bitola.

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