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Bekim Nuhija
Sami Mehmeti
Stefani Stojchevska


With the delimitation of airspace and outer space being a continuous issue, various arguments intend to analyze the viewpoint of the geopolitics of near-space being considered neither as part of Astropolitik, nor the geopolitics of airspace. Consequently, a comparative methodology in regards to the multidimensional objectives of geopolitics is followed: (1) evolving a theoretical military basis of spaceplane deployment; (2) examining the natural background of the geopolitics of near-space; (3) constructing the ‘history-future’ relation of the geopolitics of near-space; and (4) analyzing the increasing of America’s national power through spaceplane deployment. Principle results obtained from the theoretical comparative methodology consequently determine the fundamental establishment of the geopolitics of near-space. 


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Nuhija, Bekim, Sami Mehmeti, and Stefani Stojchevska. 2021. “GEOPOLITICS OF NEAR-SPACE: INCREASING NATIONAL POWER THROUGH SPACEPLANE DEPLOYMENT”. Journal of Liberty and International Affairs 6 (3):90-101.
Author Biographies

Bekim Nuhija, Faculty of Law, South East European University, North Macedonia

Prof. d-r Bekim Nuhija is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Law at South East European University. He holds a Masters degree in Law from the University of St. Kiril & Metodij, Faculty of Law in Skopje, and a PhD at the University of Maastricht, the Netherlands. As a highly experienced academic in the field of International Law, he has been awarded several fellowships and has participated in numerous seminars, symposiums and workshops throughout the years, including in the USA, Austria, UK, etc. Additionally, he has published various research papers regarding the scientific fields of domestic and international law, as well as human rights and legal aspects of political science.   


Sami Mehmeti, Faculty of Law, South East European University, North Macedonia

Sami Mehmeti was born on 3rd October, 1981 in Tetovo. He completed the primary and secondary education in Tetovo. He got a B.A. in Law, South East European University, Tetovo, Macedonia (2005), LLM in Civil Law, University of Prishtina, Kosovo (2010), and PhD in Legal History, University of Skopje, Macedonia (2015). In 2011 he was awarded JFDP scholarship as visiting scholar at Brooklyn Law School, NYC. He has participated in several conferences in USA, UK, Sweden, Spain, Turkey, the Netherlands and he has a number of publications in academic journals. 

Stefani Stojchevska, Faculty of Law, South East European University, North Macedonia

Stefani Stojchevska is a recent graduate of the South East European University at the Faculty of Law. She is currently enrolled in master studies of International Law as a postgraduate student at the aforementioned university. As a young researcher, she has published numerous research papers regarding the fields of international (space) law and (space) psychology and psychiatry, and is presently conducting scientific researches related to aerospace engineering in hopes of solving the international issue of space debris and its simultaneous mitigation and legal regulation, with the aim of incorporating international law in the academic fields of space sciences.