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Georgios Zacharias


The construction of a positive international image is profoundly correlated with advancing one’s national interests abroad. Influencing foreign audiences and creating multisided links with countries of interest, is the main objective of public diplomacy. In the highly interconnected XXI century, countries have increasingly invested in that practice, assisted by major technological advancements. China is not an exception. The current paper will examine in which ways the latter conducts public diplomacy and through which actors. The study will also try to showcase the evolution and challenges that took place in this domain. Afterward, the case study of Greece will be considered, presenting the Chinese actors engaging in the country, the practices they use, and how the bilateral relationship has been affected. The essay will conclude with estimating the total effectiveness of the practices, possible challenges that exist, and several insights for future reference.


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Zacharias , G. . (2021). CHINA’S PUBLIC DIPLOMACY: EVOLUTION, CHALLENGES, AND THE GREEK CASE. Journal of Liberty and International Affairs, 6(3), 79-89.
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Georgios Zacharias , Sciences Po Paris, France

Georgios Zacharias is currently a second-year Master’s student in International Security at Sciences Po, Paris. He possesses an undergraduate degree in Political Sciences (Highest Honors) and is looking forward to pursuing a PhD in the near future. His research focuses on foreign policy, defense, and security issues as well as international politics and economics. His main expertise is the East Asian region, specifically regarding Japan, China, and their relationship with the EU and the rest of the world. He has published numerous articles in the Observatory of European Affairs in Thessaloniki, Greece, mainly regarding territorial disputes in East Asia, as well as in other peer-reviewed journals around the world.

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