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Radenko Scekic


In a war environment, in an atmosphere of increased national passion, the Western Balkans area obviously sidestepped the wave of wartime propaganda, media preparation, and support and justification of the war. However, in Montenegro itself were manifested some characteristics, since on the territory of the republic, except for an occasional incident situation, there was no real armed conflict. The armed conflicts in southern Herzegovina, Bosnia, Dubrovnik, mobilized soldiers, induced psychosis in the public opinion of xenophobia and nationalism of all kinds were accompanied by adequate and aggressive propaganda.


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Scekic, Radenko. 2021. “THE MEDIA AND THE WARS IN WESTERN BALKANS IN THE LAST DECADE OF THE XX CENTURY”. Journal of Liberty and International Affairs 1 (2).
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Radenko Scekic, Institute for History, University of Montenegro - Podgorica

Radenko Scekic was born on 20 September 1978 in Bijelo Polje, where he finished Elementary School, in a way that he completed the seventh and eighth grade within one year. Then, also in Bijelo Polje, he finished High School at the Department for electrical engineering in secret telecommunications with highest grades, and afterwards (in 1997) he enrolled at the Faculty of Philosophy in Niksic, Department of History and Geography. He gained a University degree of Teacher of History and Geography from the Faculty of Philosophy in Niksic in 2001, as the first one in generation who completed studies within regular 4-years time frame. Then in 2003, he enrolled parallels at two Postgraduate Studies, at which by mid 2005 he managed to pass all exams. One of Postgraduate Studies is in History at the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad, where he passed all the exams with average grade 9.20, and preparation of Master Thesis ongoing now. Another Postgraduate studies that he took are European and Southeast Europe Postgraduate Studies at the International Studies Center of the University of Montenegro, which as a multidisciplinary studies were composed of 4 modules (groups of subjects) in following fields: Law, European Integrations, Economy, History. He finished working on doctorate at the Faculty of Political Science in Belgrade under the mentorship of prof. Zoran Slavujevi?, December 2010. As a scholar of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia (2006-8), and Basileus EU (2013-14), he spent 2 years at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana, on the research in the field of political marketing and media. He was invited to exploring the Croatian Institute of History and Political Science in Zagreb (2010). He is Secretary of the Editorial Board of scientific journals Historical records, in programming advice of the international journal Media Dialogues, secretary of the Association Internationale of Montenegro etudes du Sud-Est Europeen, Paris. He has authored scientific papers in the field: geopolitics, contemporary history, media manipulation and spin-doctoring.