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Adérito Rodrigues
Adriana Martins
Annabella Almeida


The pandemic caused by the SARS-COV-2 virus not only accentuated the responsibility of the Security Forces to protect human life but also challenged the ability to manage change that, in a highly demanding environment, lacks integrated approaches that would enhance the collective and cooperative effort to share a common commitment. The Portuguese Guarda Nacional Republicana has guided its action according to the 4S strategic path, based on security, safety, social and support pillars, and on integrated strategic planning that, achieved by joint, preventive, educational awareness-raising and intervention actions, and by current proximity patrolling, have enabled obtaining social support and protecting military personnel lives and citizens lives. These tools simultaneously improve operational synergies enhanced by close cooperation and collaboration relations with several partners, doing justice to the premise that together we are capable and thus preventing anyone from falling behind.


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Rodrigues, A. ., Martins, A. ., & Almeida, A. . (2020). THE GUARDA NACIONAL REPUBLICANA 4S PATH: A STRATEGIC APPROACH FOCUSING ON HUMAN LIFE. Journal of Liberty and International Affairs, 6, 45-54.
Author Biographies

Adérito Rodrigues, Guarda Nacional Republicana, Portugal

Major Adérito Grazina Rodrigues is currently deployed in Strategic Planning and International Affairs Division of GNR since 2019. He has a master`s degree in Law and Security (2015), the Joint Staff Course (2019) and a degree in Military Sciences in Security Speciality (2003). He has about seven years of experience in Command in GNR Units and ten years of experience in functions of General Staff. He is also a teacher in GNR Officers Courses at Military Academy.

Adriana Martins, Guarda Nacional Republicana, Portugal

Captain Adriana Martins has a PhD in Political Science and International Relations: Security and Defense (2019) and an Integrated Master degree in Military Sciences, specialty security. Currently Captain Adriana Martins is deployed in Guarda Nacional Republican’s Strategic Planning and International Affairs Division (09.2017 a 09.2018; 07.2019 to the present). Previously, she was the national representative in the 13.º International Law Enforcement Liaison Officers Progam promoted by The Chinese Ministry of Public Security (09.2018-07.2019); Officer in Escola da Guarda’s Frontex Training Office of the Guarda Nacional Republicana (01.2017; 09-2017); Officer in Escola da Guarda’s CEPOL Office of the Guarda Nacional Republicana  (07.2014;09.2017); Deputy Head of the Guarda Nacional Republicana’s Tomar Territorial Detachment (10.2012; 07.2014) and Acting Commander of the Guarda Nacional Republicana’s Santarém Intervention Platoon (11.2012 a 01.2013). She also collaborated with the EuroDefense in Portugal (2017).

Annabella Almeida, Guarda Nacional Republicana, Portugal

Annabella Tavares Almeida was born in the United States of America and has a degree in Translation and Interpretation from the Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies. She has carried out duties as a translator and interpreter at the Guarda Nacional Republicana's Headquarters since 12 March 2001. She currently performs duties in the GNR Strategic Planning and International Affairs Division. In addition to her main tasks, she has also been accountable for interviewing GNR offices to be deployed abroad for international missions; providing training to transmissions officers; and accompanying foreign delegations