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Valeri Modebadze


This article describes the competition between China and the USA for global hegemony. Both states have hegemonic ambitions and compete with each other over the domination of Asia. The rise of China has transformed global politics, as well as the balance of the global economy. As China’s economic and military power increases steadily, its geopolitical ambitions are also constantly growing. Some experts do not exclude the possibility of conflict between China and the USA in the future. There are many potential hot spots in East Asia where conflict could erupt at any time in the future between the USA and China. Many experts doubt whether the USA and China can escape Thucydides’ Trap in the future.


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Modebadze, V. (2020). US-CHINA RIVALRY FOR GLOBAL HEGEMONY. Journal of Liberty and International Affairs, 6(2), 167-173.
Author Biography

Valeri Modebadze, St. Andrew the First-Called Georgian University of the Patriarchate of Georgia, Georgia

Valeri Modebadze has extensive experience of working at various universities as a lecturer and teaching students various courses in Social Sciences.  He has worked at the following universities as a lecturer and Professor of International Relations and Politics: Teaching University of International Relations, American University for Humanities, University of Georgia,Euro regional Teaching University, International Black Sea University, The Saint Ilia Martali Tbilisi National University.  In 2010-2011 He held the position of the dean of the Faculty of Business and Management at the Teaching University of International Relations.  He has also experience working at various international organizations and companies that are operating in Georgia.

Currently, Valeri Modebadze works at Saint Andrew the First-Called University of the Patriarchate of Georgia and Caucasus International University.   He is an educational program supervisor of international relations and regional processes and Lecturer of International Relations and Politics.  Throughout his career as a university lecturer he delivered lectures at different subjects of Political Science and International Relations, such as Introduction to Politics, International Organizations, International Relations, Negotiations, and conflict resolution, Comparative Politics, Public Policy, Political Ideologies, History of International Relations, Geopolitics, the role of NATO in international relations, The role of European Institutions in the International Security System, Foreign Policy Decision Making and International Relations Theory. 

He has published so far 6 books and 50scientific articles at different prestigious journals. 

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