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Georgios Zacharias


The diplomacy of Japan towards its Asian neighbors has always been a complex issue. Throughout the years, the foreign policy of Japan has witnessed severe alterations specifically after the Second World War. Since then, new challenges and opportunities have risen which have formed a new, adapted Japanese diplomacy, albeit not disconnected from its traditional aspects and its past. The current purpose of the paper is to highlight these evolutions and challenges of the post-WWII Japanese diplomacy. The focus will be on the two main neighbors and traditional partners of Japan, the People’s Republic of China, and the Republic of Korea. There will be an effort to highlight the challenges that Japan experiences with the aforementioned countries, its diplomatic approaches, and how these could be evolved in the near future.


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Zacharias , G. . (2020). THE JAPANESE DIPLOMACY IN ASIA: EVOLUTION AND CHALLENGES. Journal of Liberty and International Affairs, 6(2), 135-144.
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Georgios Zacharias , Sciences Po Paris, France

I am currently a Master Student in International Security at Sciences Po, Paris. I have finished my previous studies in Political Sciences (with Highest Honors) and I am looking to pursue a PhD in the near future. My research focuses on foreign policy, defense and security issues as well as international politics and economics. My main concentration/specialization is the East Asian region, specifically regarding Japan, China and their relationship with the EU and the rest of Asia. I have published numerous articles in the Observatory of European Affairs in Thessaloniki, Greece, mainly regarding territorial disputes in the Asia Pacific.

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