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Angelina Stanojoska


The movement has been part of human history; it is and has been integrated inside every human, becoming active as a result of various factors which at a moment are more or less dominant in one’s life. It is like a code written down in everyone’s DNA, making humans unable or better said “hungry” to be free and always look for better. Starting in March 2010, the Arab Spring opened a door for the biggest migration flow in modern history. Such as conflicts were crossing borders from one state to another in the fight for democracy and freedom from regimes, as domino effect migration did the same. Numbers increased every day and during 2015, in time of the Syrian crisis, we were witnessing a major migration flow to Europe since the European colonization and the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Mentioning the theory of push and pull factors as a starting point, although it has been used to explain the everyday movement of people, victims of human trafficking, towards rich countries which at the end become their countries of destination in the labyrinth of exploitation, lured by stories of well-paid jobs and good life, it can also be discussed in the context of migration movements during the 2015 and the beginning of 2016.


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Stanojoska, A. (2020). MIGRANT AND REFUGEE CRISIS IN EUROPE: WAS PANDORA’S BOX OPEN?. Journal of Liberty and International Affairs, 1(supp. 1), 10-15. Retrieved from https://e-jlia.com/index.php/jlia/article/view/183
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Angelina Stanojoska, Law Faculty, University “St. Kliment Ohridski” – Bitola, Macedonia

Stanojoska Angelina graduated at the Police Academy - Skopje (2008), received her MSc in Criminology and Criminalistics at the Faculty of Security - Skopje (2011) and her PhD in Security Sciences also the Faculty of Security - Skopje (2014). At the moment she is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law, University St. Clement of Ohrid - Bitola, Republic of Macedonia. She has written a significant number of papers, has been part of many scientific conferences and international courses.

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