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Ahmad Muhasim
Hayyan ul Haq


This study aims to explore the anatomy of the implementation of zakat and to reconstruct and to find an appropriate model law of zakat in Indonesia. Zakat can be optimized in improving and creating public welfare. The detailed analysis focused on the potentials of zakat that can be developed and manifested. The development of zakat was based on the existing of the Indonesian positive law and Islamic Law. Therefore, this study first identified and interpreted the divine values (Ilahiah values) that sourced from Qur'an and hadith. It elaborated on the legal resources from ijtihad, the fatwa from various theologians (Islamic Scholars). This study also applied normative legal research for addressing the issues related to the reconstruction of zakat norms. Meanwhile, empirical research was used to address and ascertain the societies' respond to the zakat changes. In normative legal research, this work used statutory, conceptual and case approaches. Thus, this work offers a good model of zakat management, such as zakat for a profession, zakat from fisheries products and other yields of the sea. This also reformed the model of collecting and distributing zakat.


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Muhasim , A. ., Hirsanuddin, & ul Haq, H. . (2020). RECONSTRUCTION OF ZAKAT IN THE INDONESIAN LEGAL SYSTEM. Journal of Liberty and International Affairs, 5(2), 96-105. Retrieved from
Author Biographies

Ahmad Muhasim , Faculty of Syariah, State Islamic University of Mataram, Indonesia

Ahmad Muhasim, was born in Central Lombok on 15th December 1973. He start the Ph.D Programme in Faculty of Law, Universitas Mataram on 2016. He is an active lecturer in Syariah Faculty of Mataram Islamic State University. His main subject area is the Development of Islamic Law in the context of the state of Republic of Indonesia. Some of his publications on national journals are Hutang LuarNegeri Dalam Perspektif Ekonomi Islam Journal Analisis (ISSN 1412-1034) State Institute of Islam Raden Intan Lampung, Problematika Nikah Sirri di Kalangan TKI (Case Study in Batukliang, Central Lombok) Islamic Research Journal, ISSN 1829-6491, LP2M IAIN Mataram, Pemberdayaan Ekonomi Perempuan dalam Pembangunan Pedesaan di Desa Pare Mas Kecamatan Jerowaru East Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara, QAWWAM Journal, Study Programme of Islamic Teacher, Mataram Islamic State University. And some books he published are: Pendidikan Agama Islam, Genta Press ISBN. 978-97939882-5-2 (2010), Pengantar Studi Islam (Introduction of Islamic Study (2015).

Hirsanuddin, Faculty of Law, University of Mataram, Indonesia

Hirsanuddin was born in Lombok on 31st December 1962. He was graduated from the Doctorate Programme, Faculty of Law, Universitas Indonesia on 2005. His focus research area is Bussinesss Law in the Perspective of Islamic Law in Indonesia. His latest publication is Banking Law (Genta Press). Today, he is an active Dean of Faculty of Law, Universitas Mataram.

Hayyan ul Haq, Faculty of Law, Universitas Matar University of Mataram, Indonesia; Faculty of Law, Utrecht University, the Netherlands

Hayyan ul Haq was born in Lombok. He is an active lecturer at Faculty of Law, Universitas Mataram and also 10 other University in Indonesia. He is also a Researcher at Centruum voor Intellectual Eingendom Recht, Utrecht University, the Netherlands. He was graduated from Faculty of Law, Universitas Mataram (S.H), Faculty of Law, University Technology of Sydney (LL.M), and Faculty of Law, Utrecht University (Ph.D).