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Mladen Karadjoski
Goran Ilik
Artur Adamczyk


This article analyzes the informative component of the Macedonian public administration as an imminent part of the accession process towards the European Union. The interaction of the public administration with the citizens, NGO's, media, and other relevant "stakeholders" in the Macedonian society is an additional impetus for the acceleration and improvement of the integrative process. The main research methods which will be used in this paper are a descriptive method, a content analysis method, and a comparative method.  


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Karadjoski, M., Ilik, G., & Adamczyk, A. (2020). THE INFORMATIVE COMPONENT OF THE MACEDONIAN PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION AS AN IMMANENT PART OF THE EURO-INTEGRATIVE PROCESS . Journal of Liberty and International Affairs, 5(2), 86-95. Retrieved from
Author Biographies

Mladen Karadjoski, Law Faculty, University “St. Kliment Ohridski” – Bitola, North Macedonia

Dr. Mladen Karadjoski graduated at the Interdisciplinary studies for Public administration in the University of "St. Kliment Ohridski"- Bitola as the best student of the first generation. Became MA in public administration at the Faculty of administration and MIS. Acquired PhD degree in 2011 in the area of public administration. Dr. Mladen Karadjoski is an Associate Professor at the University of "St.Kliment Ohridski" - Bitola. In his academic career he participated at a numerous scientific conferences, seminars, forums, workshops, etc. He is an author and co-author of many published articles. Some of them are: "Dicrepancies between anti-corruption legislation and practice in Macedonia", 10th Cross-border Crime Colloquium, 10th edition, Crime, money and criminal mobility in Europe, Wolf legal publishers, Nijmegen, Netherlands, 2009;"Public administration in the Republic of Macedonia - legal aspects, reforms, management processes", Scientific Journal, Warsaw, Poland, 2010;"Functional characteristics of the informational system of finance in transition countries", Book of papers from the 5th International Science Conference of ASECU, Tirana, Albania, 2010;"Eurocentrism and the obstacles for entrance of Western Balkans and Turkey in the European Union", Scientific Journal - European Perspectives, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2011;"Fulfillment of the Madrid criteria through the reforms of the public administrations of the countries from the Western Balkans" NISPA Journal, 2011;"Democracy in the countries of the Western Balkans: nominal or crucial transformation of the political systems after the end of communism", Scientific journal - Revista de stiinte politice, University of Craiova, No.33-34, 2012.

Goran Ilik, Law Faculty, University “St. Kliment Ohridski” – Bitola, North Macedonia

Dr. Goran Ilik is Associate Professor at Law faculty at University "St. Kliment Ohridski" - Bitola (North Macedonia). Currently, he is Dean of the Law faculty. The academic background includes BA in Law (International Law and International Relations), MA in Political Sciences (European Union Studies) and Ph.D. in Political Sciences with the specific interest in the European Union foreign, security and defense policy. The publication list contains papers, chapters, and monographs emphasizing the role of the European Union in the international relations, the institutional architecture of its foreign policy, the EU axiological performances and its international political power. Also, he is the author of the books: "Europe at the crossroads: The Treaty of Lisbon as a basis of European Union international identity" and "EUtopia: the international political power of the EU in the process of the ideologization of the post-American world". Dr. Goran Ilik is the co-founder of the Institute for Research and European Studies - Bitola.

Artur Adamczyk, Centre for Europe, University of Warsaw, Poland

Dr. Artur Adamczyk is Associate Professor at the Centre for Europe, University of Warsaw. His research interest covers: the EU in international relations (Mediterranean and Balkan policy of the EU); EU decision-making process. Author of a number of publications on these topics. Lecturer at various European universities (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Marmara Universitesi of Stambul, Istambul University, Ankara Universiti, Universidad de Granada, University degli Studi di Siena, University of Florence, University "St. Kliment Ohridski" - Bitola).