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Iskra Koroveshovska


Democracy begins and ends with the media – according to this worldly recognized sentence, every ordinary Balkan could estimate the democratic perspective of its own country. That is why the effect of the new media (social networks), deserves continuous scientific and research attention, also done in this paper basically through comparative and statistic methods, with specific analysis of the Macedonian case. The media revolution produced largely positive changes in everyday life. But negative effects could not be abstracted: Internet - populism, loss of confidence in the media, fake news, and hate speech. Perhaps the first solution that comes to mind is law regulation. But knowing that clear basal of the network services is freedom of speech and expression, any attempt of the regulation (objectively or not) is legitimately considered censorship. This paper attempts to answer the question: is it possible journalism to fight fake news through a direct media battle?


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Koroveshovska, I. . (2020). THE JOURNALISM BETWEEN POLITICAL INSTRUMENTALIZATION AND TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION. Journal of Liberty and International Affairs, 5(2), 64-74. Retrieved from
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Iskra Koroveshovska, Faculty of Law “Justinian Prvi” - Skopje, North Macedonia

Iskra Koroveshovska was born in Skopje, October 3, 1981. Work as journalist and editor, for 15 years, at the moment in the national commercial TV Alfa, Skopje. Finished PhD in communicology (April 2019, topic: "Social Network Communication") and Master also communicology (February 2011, topic: "The media in Macedonia and the presumption of innocence"). Both levels completed at the Faculty of Law "Justinijan Prvi". Graduated at the Department of Journalism in 2004. In parallel with journalism, I did consultancy and academic activity. In the period between academic years 2006 / 2007 and 2013, was ass./demonstrator at the subject "Media and Society" - the first year of journalistic studies at the Faculty of Law in Skopje. Meanwhile, I worked honorary as an expert for communication on a few projects funded by the EU, preparing communication strategies, brochures, leaflets, educational training. Speak fluent English and good Spanish language and also completed training in computer science.