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Dustin Pickering


Women are beginning to be heard, appreciated, and considered competent for work, legal decisions, and raising their own kids. The #MeToo Movement is a sore necessity in exposing the social corruption that underpins sexual abuse and misconduct. We should consider treading this space carefully as we do not want to demonize men or destroy masculinity. We can have a society where all people are free to live safely, in pursuit of their independent goals. #MeToo began with the intention of destroying the blind hubris of powerful men who are ‘too big to fail’ or be called out for sexual assault. We are seeing headway in this respect, but let’s not allow ourselves to overindulge in mob mentalities or aggressive unfounded accusations. In the words of President Theodore Roosevelt, “Tread lightly, but carry a big stick.”


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Dustin Pickering, Transcendent Zero Press, Houston, Texas, USA

Dustin Pickering is founder of Transcendent Zero Press, a literary publishing company based in Houston, Texas. He is author of several poetry collections including Salt and Sorrow, Knows No End, and Frenetic/No Contest. He placed as a finalist in Adelaide Literary Journal's short story contest in 2017. A former contributor to Huffington Post, Pickering writes on current events and philosophy as well. He is a public speaker, events coordinator, and literary critic. His writings can be found throughout the web.

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