The “Revival” of PiS: The Transformation of Campaign Strategies from the Kaczynski Twins to Andrzej Duda

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Melissa Stolfi


The paper analyzes the campaign strategies of the PiS political party during the Polish elections from 2009 to 2020. It examines how the gradual modernization of communication strategies and the adoption of a less aggressive narrative contributed to the party’s revival after a decline in support caused by the political crisis of 2007 and the death of leader Lech Kaczynski in 2010. The research aims to identify the changes in campaigning that contributed to regaining electoral success since the 2015 national elections. The analysis is based on audio-visual materials produced by PiS for the elections during both the “crisis” period (2009-2013) and the “revival” period (2014-2020), allowing for a comparative analysis of the main changes between these two periods. Through content analysis of these materials, the study investigates the topics, genres, formats, national and European dimensions, personalization strategies, and use of negative advertising.


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Stolfi, Melissa. 2024. “The ‘Revival’ of PiS: The Transformation of Campaign Strategies from the Kaczynski Twins to Andrzej Duda”. Journal of Liberty and International Affairs 10 (2):14-32.
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Melissa Stolfi, Roma Tre University - Rome, Italy

Melissa Stolfi is a Post-Doc Research Fellow in the Sociology of Cultural and Communication processes and lecturer in Media studies at Roma Tre University (Italy). She was involved in international research projects focusing on analyzing European election campaigns. Her main research areas are political communication, visual politics, and election campaign studies, which focus on the symbolic and pictorial elements of electoral propaganda. Her work focuses on comparative and multidisciplinary approaches, combining qualitative and quantitative methods. Her latest publications: 2024, Italy, in Europe Votes. Party Campaigning in EEC/EU Parliamentary Elections 1979-2019 (with Novelli, E.); 2022, Talking about "International Sovereignty". A comparative analysis of the ID parties campaigning in the 2019 European Elections (with Mongiardo, M.).