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Binh Nguyen
Hiep Tran
Co Nguyen
Vuong Nguyen


Since the beginning of the XXI century, the Indo-Pacific region has become the “focus” of strategic competition between the world’s great powers. This area included many “choke points” on sea routes that are strategically important for the development of international trade, playing an important role in transporting oil, gas, and goods around the world from the Middle East to Australia and East Asia. The article analyzed the geostrategic position of the Indo-Pacific region and the strategic adjustments in foreign affairs of some major powers in this region, specifically the US, China, and India. To achieve this goal, the authors used research methods in international relations to analyze the main issues of the study. In addition to reviewing previous scholarly research and reviews, the authors used a comparative approach to assess the interactions between theory and data. The authors believed that these data are important for accurately assessing the strategic importance of the Indo-Pacific region, and this area was an important trigger for the US, China, and India to make adjustments to its foreign policy. If the US proposed a strategy called “Free and Open Indo-Pacific” (FOIP), India’s strategy was called the Indo-Pacific Initiative. China’s Indo-Pacific strategy was clearly expressed through the “String of Pearls” strategy and the “Belt and Road Initiative” (BRI). As a result, in the geopolitical context of the Indo-Pacific region, the competition between major powers (the US, China, India...) is also becoming fiercer and more complex. It has a significant impact on other countries in the region.


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Nguyen, Binh, Hiep Tran, Co Nguyen, and Vuong Nguyen. 2024. “THE STRATEGIC ADJUSTMENTS OF CHINA, INDIA, AND THE US IN THE INDO-PACIFIC GEOPOLITICAL CONTEXT”. Journal of Liberty and International Affairs 10 (1):173-91.
Author Biographies

Binh Nguyen, University of Education, Hue University, Vietnam

Nguyen Tuan Binh, Ph.D in World History at University of Education, Hue University, Vietnam. His writings focus on colonialism, the Indochina wars, and Vietnam’s foreign policy. He has published papers in Scopus journals: Cogent Arts and Humanities, Vestnik of Saint Petersburg University and many books have been published.

Hiep Tran, Dong A University, Danang City, Vietnam

Tran Xuan Hiep, Associate Professor in Political Sciences , PhD, is a member of the Faculty International Relations and a researcher at the Institute of Social Research, Dong A University, Danang City, Vietnam. General political and international relations issues, the Southeast Asian region, and Vietnam’s international integration are among his main research interests. He has published many papers on above theme such as, India Quarterly: A Journal of International Affairs, International Journal of China Studies, Journal of Educational and Social Research, Contemporary Chinese Political Economy and Strategic Relations, Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, Journal of Asian Finance, Economics and Business, Cogent Arts and Humanities, Vestnik of Saint Petersburg University. Asian and African Studies, AUSTRAL: Brazilian Journal of Strategy and International Relations.

Co Nguyen, HUTECH University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Nguyen Dinh Co, PhD in World History, is a research atHUTECH University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.His research interests focus on international politics, the politics of regionalism, identity politics and international relations in Europe, Southeast Asia, Indo-Pacific region. Nguyen Dinh Cohave been a visiting fellow to different universities abroad: Canterbury University (New Zealand), De La Salle University (Philippines), Southern Methodist University (U.S.A).

Vuong Nguyen, University of Foreign Language Studies, University of Da Nang, Vietnam

Nguyen Hung Vuong, PhD in Philosophy, is a lecturer at the Faculty of International Studies, University of Foreign Languages, Da Nang University, Vietnam. He also serves as Head of Research on India. Her research interests include international relations in East Asia, maritime security in East Asia, and Vietnam’s foreign policy, international economy.