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Suada Dzogovic
Anita Cucovic
Armand Krasniqi


This study investigates the significance of science diplomacy at the convergence of politics, diplomacy, and science, emphasizing its heightened relevance in contemporary geopolitics and economic development. The aim was to elucidate the role of science diplomacy in optimizing negotiation outcomes concerning international business contracts by examining students’ perceptions of its impacts in such contexts. A theoretical analysis was initially conducted to identify the main themes shaping our questionnaire by employing a comprehensive research strategy that combines quantitative and qualitative methods. Data collection was carried out through a survey using a five-point Likert scale. The study revealed the students’ positive evaluation of science diplomacy, indicating their recognition and appreciation of its utilization in enhancing negotiation outcomes over international business contracts. While political leadership remains crucial in economic negotiations, our findings underscore the significant impact of science diplomacy in promoting international economic relations and facilitating domestic companies’ access to global markets. This research significantly contributes to our understanding of the multifaceted role of science diplomacy in global knowledge dissemination and problem-solving. It elucidates the importance of science diplomacy in international relations and academia, emphasizing its constructive impact on addressing complex challenges.


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Dzogovic, Suada, Anita Cucovic, and Armand Krasniqi. 2024. “SCIENCE DIPLOMACY IN THE NEGOTIATION OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS CONTRACTS: A CRITICAL ASSESSMENT ”. Journal of Liberty and International Affairs 10 (1):127-48.
Author Biographies

Suada Dzogovic, Haxhi Zeka University - Pec, Kosovo

Dr. sc. Suada A. Dzogovic, doctor of political science and professor at Haxhi Zeka University, is a renowned scientist with an impressive academic career. She obtained her doctorate in North Macedonia, and her research area includes complex international political-economic relations, scientific diplomacy, political philosophy, and cultural globalization. Professor Dzogovic's scientific contribution also includes studying social research methodology, with a special emphasis on academic writing and qualitative research methods. Professor Dzogovic is a member of international scientific boards of journals indexed in prestigious databases such as Web of Science and SCOPUS, which reflects her global reputation in the academic community. She actively participates in international diplomatic and geopolitical think tanks. As a member of the Canadian Genocide Research Institute, she significantly contributed to the promotion and protection of human rights on a global level. In addition to her research activities, Professor Dzogovic actively contributes as an editor or member of reputable publications and electronic media. She also holds leading positions in international organizations and is an active reviewer of scientific articles in specialized journals, further enriching the academic discourse. Professor Dzogovic's exceptional scientific contribution is reflected in numerous articles published in prestigious international scientific and professional journals. She also authorizes ten books, including scientific monographs, university textbooks, and manuals. In addition, Professor Dzogovic stands out for her expertise in translation, especially in the domain of language, culture, and communication, which further affirms her position as a highly respected scientist in the academic community.

Anita Cucovic, Haxhi Zeka University - Pec, Kosovo

Anita Cucovic is a university professor and expert in the field of management. Holder of the basic study plan and program at Haxhi Zeka University, where she obtained her academic title. Engaged lecturer at Ukshin Hoti University. A decade-long career in educational institutions. Her scientific opus is a large number of scientific and professional works published in highly indexed journals and conferences. The field of research focuses on the philosophy of management and social and human sciences. Professor Cucovic has participated in numerous trainings. She is a reviewer of elementary school texts. Professor Cucovic held high managerial positions and was simultaneously a member of several professional commissions. An active member of the Council of the Business Faculty of Haxhi Zeka University. Appointed as a permanent member of the Commission to monitor the implementation of the UHZ strategic plan. Proud bearer of the Student Organization's Certificate of Appreciation for contribution to teaching and Awards for numerous humanitarian actions.

Armand Krasniqi, Haxhi Zeka University - Pec, Kosovo

Armand Krasniqi is a lecturer at the University of Pristina; consultant and expert in the field of law and legal sciences. With a long and distinguished career spanning over three decades, he held numerous key positions in prestigious academic institutions, as well as an advisor to the Government of Kosovo. Member of the editorial team of several professional journals and scientific conferences. Rectorof Haxhi Zeka University is currently one of the five rectors with the most published works in prestigious journals. He is the author of a large number of professional literature on Business Law, International Business, Law in Tourism and Hotel Industry, International Contract Law and similar. Field of legal and social science research.