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Bashkim Rrahmani


The recognition of Kosovo is an issue in some part of the international community even though its independence has been recognized by 116 states and that the ICJ has given a legal opinion which confirmed that independence was not a violation of international law. This paper analysis the pros and cons and the difficulties created by the non-recognition of Kosovo both for the region and broader, dealing not only with political reasons and difficulties. The paper is written by using combined methodology and methods: systemic analysis, legal analysis, and method of comparative analysis. Conclusions and recommendations are expected to be a contribution towards a further debate about the importance of the recognition of the state of Kosovo.


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Rrahmani, B. . (2020). RECOGNITION OF NEW STATES: KOSOVO CASE. Journal of Liberty and International Affairs, 4(2), 68-79. Retrieved from
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Bashkim Rrahmani, AAB College – Prishtina, Kosovo

Bashkim Rrahmani is an expert on Kosovo and a lecturer of EU, International Law, Constitutional Law, etc. Now he is working as the Prof.Ass. for the Coellege AAB in Prishtina. Prior to this he has worked as the lecturer at the HaxhiZeka University and Universum College (both Kosovo). Before this he was an Executive Director of the Foundation for Democratic Initiative (2001-2011), one of the most active civil society organizations in Kosovo. During 1994-2000, he acted as an Education as well as a Labour Inspector. Around this period he also regularly visited Washington as well as Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania in the position of Field Representative. Where he reported the political, economic and social situation of the three countries for the Krieble Institute of the Free Congress Foundation. He is an author of a number of scientific publications, and he has participated in dozens of international scientific conferences. Since 2008, he is a national trainer of trainers in AcquisCommunautaire and from 2011, a national certified & licensed mediator.

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