The Journal of Legal and Political Education (JLPE) is now accepting submissions for its forthcoming 2024 issues. We invite submissions that address innovative approaches, critical analyses, and contemporary issues in the fields of legal and political education. Articles that develop theoretical arguments or offer strong empirical evidence as either comparative or single-case studies are welcome. The focus and scope of this journal revolve around the interdisciplinary exploration and advancement of knowledge in the realms of law and politics, particularly within an educational context. Submitted articles undergo an initial editorial screening and a double-blind peer review process to ensure the highest standards of scholarship and relevance. Authors will receive feedback and may be asked to make revisions before final acceptance.

Article submissions are welcome throughout the year. In response to the evolving landscape of academic publishing and to better serve scholars, the Journal of Legal and Political Education has adopted a rolling submission and publication model.

An article should be about 6,000 to 8,000 words in length. You can register and submit online, or email submissions to

Please register and log on to JLPE. Two roles are available in the registration process: "Author" and "Reviewer". If you want to submit an article, you need the role "Author". Registration, submission and publication are free of charge.