Valeri Modebadze

Valeri Modebadze is an Associate Professor of International Relations and Politics.   He works as a lecturer at Caucasus International University, where he teaches different subjects in Social Sciences. Valeri Modebadze has a Ph.D. in International Relations and Politics from the International Black Sea University. In 2010 he was awarded Doctor's academic degree in Social Sciences. In 2010-2011 he worked as a dean of the Faculty of Business and Management at Teaching University of International Relations, Tbilisi, Georgia.  He served as an Assistant Professor of International Relations and Politics at the above mentioned university.  In 2011 Valeri Modebadze was appointed as an Associate Professor of Political Science at American University for Humanities. He worked at the above mentioned university until 2015. Valeri Modebadze has an extensive experience of teaching students various courses in Social Sciences. Throughout his career as a university lecturer he has taught following subjects in International Relations and Politics: Politics and Governance, Public Policy, Political Ideologies, Comparative Politics, History of International Relations, Foreign Policy Decision Making, Negotiations and Conflict Resolution and Geopolitics.