Thiago Felipe S. Avanci

Thiago Felipe S. Avanci. Post-Doctoral fellowiship at MICHR Università Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria. Ph.D. in Law from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie (2020). Master in Law from the Catholic University of Santos – UNISANTOS (2011). Postgraduate in Public Management, Municipal Public Management from the Federal University of São Paulo – UNIFESP (2019). Bachelor of Laws from the Catholic University of Santos – UNISANTOS (2007). Lawyer since 2008, working with companies and entities of the tertiary sector. He is a professor of law at Universidade Paulista and Centro Universitario Sao Judas Tadeu. He also holds the position of Government advisor in the Municipality of Guaruja and is responsible for the Legal Assistance Office at Universidade Paulista (Santos). He works as an INEP / MEC evaluator, reviewer of academic journals in Latin America, and author of papers on law.