Sergii Burlutskyi

Sergii Burlutskyi was a Chairman of staff in the Department of the enterprise economy at Donbass state Machine-building University (Ukraine) since 2014.  He is senior research position in Department of spatial development problems of economy at Institute of economic and legal studies at the National academy of Sciences of Ukraine since 2007.  He has held various senior positions in the University including serving as head of the section "Problems of Economic Education" of methodical Rada, was responsible for development of Standards of the Donbass state Machine-building University "Diagnostic Aids of the Higher Education Quality".

Research Experience:

  • the developer concepts concerning improvement of regulatory activity in the sphere of providing the state social guarantees (living wage) of the Center legislative initiatives;
  • the head of research project of the Donbass state machine-building University: "Institutional reorganization of  Ukrainian economy";  "Instruments of ensuring continuous development of transformational economy of Ukraine";
  • 65 scientific academic Journal papers, 2 monographs, 16 authored books, 2 edited books.

Current Research Interests

  • theoretical and methodical problems of national economy development;
  • financial and organizational &economic ensuring social policy;
  • regional economic development;
  • regional disproportions of economy; 
  • functioning of households;
  • strategy of transitive economic systems;
  • Sustainability and socio & economic systems in regions.