Mrittika Nandy

Mrittika Nandy is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Serampore Girls’ College, West Bengal. Her research interests focus on Indian Politics, Political Economy, International Relations focusing on issues like Corporate Social Responsibility, Micro Finance, Right to Food & Nutrition, Queer Politics, Globalisation and Surveillance, Social Media dynamics, and other contemporary trends. She has worked in prominent think tanks such as Ananta Centre (Indian desk of Aspen Institute, USA), Youth Forum on Foreign Policy, and non-government organizations such as Food First Information Action Network (FIAN). Nandy takes immense interest in expressing her opinions on academic driven platforms. She is an Associate Editor of South Asia Journal and Fellow at South Asia Democratic Forum, Brussels, Belgium. Mrittika is a Doctoral candidate and was awarded MPhil degree from Centre of Political Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi.