Jeton Shasivari

Jeton Shasivari, PhD, is a Full Professor in the legal field of Constitutional and Administrative Law at the Faculty of Law of South East European UniversityTetovo/Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia, employed there since 2002. Prof. Shasivari has been the Vice-Dean of this Faculty in the period 2006-2014. In the period 2015-2019 he was Vice-President and Member of the Board for Accreditation and Evaluation of Higher Education in North Macedonia, elected by the InterUniversity Conference. In the period 2020-2021 he was a Member of the Commission of the Ministry of Justice for passing the bar exam in the subject: Constitutional Regulation of the North Macedonia and the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights. From 2019 and currently he is a Lecturer of Constitutional Law at the Academy for the training of judges and public prosecutors in the North Macedonia. He is the editor of the Book of Proceedings of the First International Scientific Conference on Social and Legal Sciences “Good Governance and Rule of Law in the Perspective of EU Integration”, SEEU, Skopje, 2020 and of the Book of Proceedings of the Second online International Scientific Conference on Social and Legal Sciences “Rule of Law, Governance and Society in the time of Pandemic”, SEEU, Skopje, 2021.

He is the author of university textbooks: “E drejta kushtetuese” (“Constitutional Law”) first edition, Skopje, 2015 and the second edition of 2020. “E drejta administrative” (“Administrative law”), Skopje, 2015. “Fillet e së drejtës” (“Introduction to Law”), Skopje, 2020; and coauthor of “Fjalori juridik me shpjegime Shqip-Maqedonisht” (“Legal Dictionary with Albanian-Macedonian explanations”), Skopje, 2008 and “Vetëqeverisja lokale: Shqyrtime teorike dhe krahasimore” (“Local Self-Government: Theoretical and Comparative reviews”), Pristina, 2021 as well as the author of over 40 scientific reference works published in international and regional scientific journals and conferences. Study visits During his academic career he has been in several professional study visits in: USA; Edinburgh Faculty of Law; Faculty of Law of Bologna; Faculty of Law of Ljubljana; the Belgian Senate; the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna; the Sorbonne University; the UN European Headquarters; the International Committee of the Red Cross; the World Trade Organization and the World Intellectual Property Organization; the Faculty of Law of the University of Graz; the German Bundestag and Bundesrat; the Hamburg Faculty of Law; the Max-Planck Institute for International and Comparative Law in Hamburg; Law Faculties of Madrid and Barcelona; the Spanish Parliament; the Catalan Parliament; the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom; the Oxford University School of Law; the Criminal Court in London; etc.