Habib Kazzi

Professor of Law at the Lebanese University (Lebanon)
Lawyer at the Paris Bar (France)

After obtaining a PhD in International Trade Law with the highest distinction and honors at Paris West University (France) with a thesis entitled “The Regulation of Competition Between Companies in a Globalized Economy”, Professor Habib Kazzi has started his professional career in France and Belgium as legal counsel and Assistant Professor in European Law and Public International Law. He currently holds a full time position as Professor of International Economic Law at the Lebanese University (Lebanon). These experiences allow him to master several languages and carry out intense research activities which are primarily focused on International Trade Law issues and the complex phenomenon of globalization in its large scope. A particular emphasis is placed on examining both legal and economic implications of the global trading system for the Arab World. All these issues have been the subject of numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals. As a result, Professor Habib Kazzi is member of several international editorial boards and regularly attends workshops and seminars around theworld as organizer or member of the scientific committees. 

Areas of specialization: International Business and Economic Law // European Union Law // MENA Region: Legal and Trade Issues

Habib Kazzi CV