Hans-Juergen Zahorka

1981-2003 Rechtsanwalt (Attorney-at-Law) in Baden-Württemberg, former Member of European Parliament (Member of the Interparliamentary Delegation to the former Yugoslavian Skupstina), Rapporteur on the Uruguay Round of GATT (preparing the foundation of the World Trade Organisation). Since 2003 first Senior Advisor, then CEO of LIBERTAS - European Institute GmbH, a think-tank for European and international economy and governance in Rangendingen/Baden-Württemberg. Since 1997 Government Advisor for EU, UNDP and World Bank (also in all West Balkan states). For nine years office chief of the Italian Chamber of Commerce (Munich) in Baden-Württemberg. Many years experience in teaching EU Law, EU institutions, EU economy and business, international business law at universities in Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Kyrgyzstan and with many lectures as visiting teacher in many countries. Member of TEAM EUROPE Germany, the expert pool of the EU Commission/DG Communication, and chief editor of "European Union Foreign Affairs Journal" (EUFAJ). Book publication in Macedonia (ed. by Ministry of Economy) on EU law for Macedonian small & medium enterprises; around 80 other publications.