Hitesh Gupta

Dr. Hitesh Gupta has worked with Birla Institute of Technology (Deemed University), Mesra, Ranchi, Noida Campus, India. He has gained competitive edge during his studies from prestigious colleges such as Birla Institute of Technology, Institute of Management Technology and Hindu College (Delhi University). He has almost 12 years of B2B/Industrial Experience in field of Strategic/Senior level Management. He is a promoter of around 7 organizations in the field of manufacturing, industrial supplies, IT and services, which includes SMC, MTM and many others. He is a founder member and President of SPEAK Foundation. He has presented papers in more than 10 national and international conferences, published more than 25 research papers and articles in national and international journals. He is the Editor of International Journal of Management and Social Sciences (IJMSS) and International Journal of Social and Allied Research (IJSAR) along with an active role as editor/reviewer in many journals. He has written a number of books like Management Information Systems, Software Testing, Data Structure, SPSS 17.0, Research Methodology, Business Research Methods and many others.