Ereza A. Arifi

Ereza A. Arifi is a PhD in the field of finance. She presently holds the academic title of Assistant Professor at the College of International Management - GLOBUS in Kosovo, where she is lecturing courses in the field of finance at the Bachelor and Master level. Also, she has an impressive experience in the field of public procurement, where for over a decade has exercised the function of Procurement Manager in the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. From a scientific point of view, has several scientific publications in prestigious journals with international reviews. She is a continuous participant in international conferences and symposiums, and in the last two years, has been engaged in doing peer reviews in the Journal of Liberty and International Affairs (JLIA). Scientific publications published and indexed in Scopus and Web of Science are Challenges and Difficulties for Micro-Businesses in Adapting IFRS for SMEs Requirments: Kosovo Evidence, How Government Outflow and Public Debt Affect Inflation: Evidence from SEE Countries, Evaluating Macroeconomics Factors and Their Influence in Economic Growth: Empirical Evidence from Western Balkan Economies, and Anti-Money Laundering Regulations' Effectiveness in Ensuring Banking Sector Stability: Evidence of Western Balkan.