Djana Lusha

Djana Lusha, PhD, is an associate professor at the Department of International Relations and Security Studies, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Political Science. Her primary fields of interests are foreign policy, in particular foreign policies of small European states, US foreign policy, IR theory and diplomacy. She served as the Vice–director of the Postgraduate Study of Foreign Policy and Diplomacy, the Vice-dean for Science and International Cooperation and an Executive Editor of the Edition Politicka Misao. In 2020 she is elected the Vice-dean for teaching and student affairs. During early stages of her career she held a position of the Secretary General of the Atlantic Councilof Croatia and the Centre for International Studies, as well as of the president of the Youth Atlantic Council of Croatia. Her teaching experience includes courses in International Relations, Diplomacy, US Foreign Policy and Transatlantic Relations at the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level. She actively participates at the most relevant international conferences in political science resulting with publications in international peer-reviewed journals and is an active researcher in the framework of two Jean Monnet Research Networks. Currently Djana Lusha is a member of editing board of journals Politicke perspektive, Forum za sigurnosne studije and Medjunarodne studije.