Bojan Gruevski

Bojan Gruevski graduated in 2010 and obtained his bachelor’s degree at the University of Skopje (Skopje / Macedonia) at the Department of German language and literature. During his primary studies he also took classes in French language and literature at the Department of Romance philology, and, as a scholarship holder of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), he attended the University of Duisburg-Essen (Essen / Germany) in the academic year 2008/09. Since his graduation in 2010, he actively works as a translator and interpreter in various fields, and, as an alumnus and associate of the DAAD, he is responsible for the organisation of the DAAD-funded German language courses at the Technical Faculty in Bitola (Bitola / Macedonia). In 2014, he obtained a master’s degree in Macedonian studies and communicology. His scientific and research work concerns the comparative linguistics in general and the comparative phraseology in particular. Relating to this, Bojan Gruevski actively took part in the VII Scientific Conference of Young Macedonian Specialists (Skopje / Macedonia, 2010) and the II Interdisciplinary Summer Academy in Rostock (Rostock / Germany, 2012).