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Gabriella Gricius


Many of the world's conflicts today are self-sustaining and ongoing, making the application of transitional justice measures difficult. Particularly in Central and Eastern Europe, namely Georgia and Ukraine, both of which have experienced regime changes in the twenty-first century and implemented lustration and vetting measures - the question of whether or not transitional justice will be successfully utilized is very much still under debate. My research explores the relationship between lustration and vetting policies and corruption in Ukraine and Georgia. Past studies of corruption in these countries have focused on the extent of state exploitation of the forms through which corruption is expressed such as political appointments, and protection from prosecution. This research, by contrast, aims to study the relationship that corruption has with the particular transitional justice measure of lustration and vetting.


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Gricius, Gabriella. 2020. “TRANSITIONAL JUSTICE: LUSTRATION AND VETTING IN UKRAINE AND GEORGIA”. Journal of Liberty and International Affairs 5 (2):26-42.
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Gabriella Gricius, The Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands

Gabriella Gricius is a Senior Research Associate for the Public International Law and Policy Group in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She recently received her Masters degree in International Security from the University of Groningen and is currently pursuing doctoral research in the Netherlands. Her interests are focused on the intersection of conflict studies, the rule of law, corruption and security studies in Russia and Eastern Europe. She is also a freelance journalist and has published in Foreign Policy, Bear Market Brief, Global Security Review and Riddle Russia as well as the academic journals The Asian Journal of Peacebuilding and Sicherheit & Frieden.