Nikola Lj. Ilievski
Nikola Ilievski graduated at the Law Faculty, University St. Clement of Ohrid – Bitola in 2012, on the following theme: “The ideology of European federalism”. Few years later, Nikola earned his Master degree in international law, at the Law Faculty, University St. Clement of Ohrid – Bitola, in 2015, on the following theme: “The significance of the “Multi-speed Europe” concept as a model for political integration of the European Union”. He worked as a teaching associate for Sociology of law and International Economy at the Law Faculty. Currently, he is teaching associate for the following subjects: Geopolitics and Geostrategy and Civil Society. His areas of interest include: international relations; ideologies, particularly libertarianism; federalism, and anarchism.
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Journal of Liberty and International Affairs | Vol. 1, No. 2 | September 2015
Nikola Lj. Ilievski
This paper is qualitative and theoretical research of the concept of sovereignty and the libertarian theory, particularly the concept of individual liberty. It represents a concept developing study, with a specific accent laid on the individual liberty, and the theoretically established concept of sovereignty. The research focus could be identified with the conceptualization and manifestation of the individual sovereignty, as a theoretical phenomenon that is not fully conceptualized and strictly defined. In the scope of this paper, content analysis method and comparative method are used. The analysis, comparison and synthesis refer to the theories of sovereignty and the theory of libertarianism, resulting in developing the concept of individual sovereignty and its socio-political manifestation.
sovereignty; individual liberty; power; state; individual sovereignty
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