Andrej Stefanovic
Andrej Stefanovic is a PhD candidate in International and European Studies at the University of Belgrade, with a MA in European Integration, and a BA in International Relations. His PhD thesis proposal is on the topic of autonomy of European Union law, in its relations to other legal system. He is currently working as a Researcher at the Belgrade Centre for Security Policy, a think tank that deals with security sector reform in Serbia and the Western Balkans. Previously, he completed traineeships at the EU Delegation in Serbia and the Institute of International Politics and Economics in Belgrade. He has published a number of articles relating to European integration, comparative politics and constitutional law.
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Journal of Liberty and International Affairs | Vol. 3, Supp. 1 | July 2017
Andrej Stefanovic
The author of this article uses the comparative method in describing how judicial bodies through their case law shaped and modeled the federal structures of government in the cases of the United States and the European Union. Through initially laying out the theoretical explanations of the significance of constitutional (judicial) review in federal structures, and elaborating on the powers and position of the Supreme Court in the United States and the Court of Justice in the European Union, he seeks to show how these bodies influenced, in similar ways, some of the key features of these two federal organizations.
EU; USA; Federalism; Supreme Court; Court of Justice; constitutional review; implied power

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