Teona Mango
Teona Mango is born in Bitola, Macedonia in 1998. Currently is a student at Queen Mary University of London, studying in the School of Politics and International Relations, class of 2019. During the period of high school which she spent in SOU Josip Broz Tito- Bitola (2012-2016) was Student Ombudsman, participant of “Youth in Action” projects in Sion and Arry in France in 2014, president of the Leo Alpha Club Bitola (Lions Club International) 2014-15, member of the debate club in her high school and team leader at “Pioneer 6” Macedonian Volunteers 2013. Was selected from Yale Young Global Scholars in 2015 receiving full scholarship to attend this prestigious summer program for future leaders from all over the world. Founder of Teona’s Wanderlust blog, chosen among the 50 most influential blog in Europe by The Basetrip. Cofounder of Teens for World Unity Blog. Has many past internships, work and volunteering experience and has received many awards and certificates in the field of photography, snowboarding and horse riding. Which are all hobbies in her spare time.
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Journal of Liberty and International Affairs | Vol. 2, No. 3 | January 2017
Teona Mango

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