Manana Darchashvili and Emilia Alaverdov
Manana Darchashvili is a Doctor of Historical Sciences and Master of History and Law. She is an associate professor of Georgian Technical University and a researcher in the Institute for Political Science of Ilia State University. She is lecturing the following courses: Citizenship and Democracy, Religious Aspect in International Relations, International Organizations and Institutions. She is doing research in Democracy Building in Georgia, Political Parties, Electoral Process, Georgian Political Mind, Women’s Participation in Political Processes and Geopolitics. She has published 3 monographs - Georgian Social Political Sense in the Georgian Democratic Press about Interethnic Relations, Mikhako Tsereteli about the Theories of Nationalism, and Comparative Analysis of Political Subjects in the Documents of 2012 Parliamentary Elections Program. She is an author of 14 scientific articles and researches and in the last 3 years participated in 15 international conferences.

Emilia Alaverdov is a doctor of Social Science. She is an associate professor in Tbilisi Open Teaching University and a head of the Department of International Relations, Center of Research for the Study of Georgian Complex Development Issues, Tbilisi State University. She is lecturing the following subjects: Political Psychology, USA and New World Order, Introduction to Political Science, in Georgian, English and Russian Languages. Her research interests are: Religion, Women Issues and Elections. She has participated in various international conferences and workshops abroad - Moscow State University of International Relations, University of Humboldt, University of Bern, Poland National Defense Academy, etc. She is an organizer and a jury member of few international youth forums.
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Journal of Liberty and International Affairs | Vol. 2, No. 2 | September 2016
Manana Darchashvili and Emilia Alaverdov
Nowadays, women’s involvement in politics is a quite hot discussion topic among public associations and politicians. It is highlighted in various events. It is a fact that the country has to make certain legislative changes for the purpose of women’s (political) activation. It will help to fulfill the international obligations, and to establish (some/additional/further) democratic principles in Georgia and accelerate the country’s process of European integration at the same time. Based on the attitude of women’s political engagement issue in Georgia, with the support of Georgia’s Euro-integration strategy, public organizations and politicians, public awareness and the certain support of political parties, it is possible that in the nearest future the mentioned issue will be given wider resonance and it will be defined the legislative level in order to be more supported, what will add to growth of the women’s engagement
Politics; Government; Women’s Involvement; Quota; Euro integration

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