Ekaterine Lomia
Ekaterine Lomia is from Georgia (Tbilisi), doctoral candidate at the "Caucasus International University", Tbilisi, Georgia. Also, I am currently employed as a lecturer at "European University". I am simultaneously occupied in a quarterly International peer-reviewed scientific-practical magazine "The New Economist" as a head of international relations. I had also been employed at the Higher Education Institution of Georgia "Academy of Education", as a lecturer, where I was teaching non-Georgian speaking foreign students (the course was taught in the English language). I have graduated from the University of Porto, Portugal (2015-2017), defended Master thesis successfully and was awarded Master Degree in history, international relations and cooperation. I hold a Bachelor degree from Sokhumi State University (2005-2009), Georgia, in social sciences in political sciences. Throughout my studies on Bachelor level I had also been a holder of a State scholarship granted by the former President of Georgia Michail Saakashvili to the most successful students. I participated actively in various conferences, seminars, workshops and training courses both in Georgia and abroad. I have several publications in different scientific journals and am actively involved in a scientific field.
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Journal of Liberty and International Affairs | Vol. 6, No. 1 | May 2020
Ekaterine Lomia
For more than twenty-eight years, following the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Russian-Georgian relations have been a substantial ground for mutual confrontation, sharp dispute, and a lack of trust. Continuous tensions and disagreements have adversely affected efforts to achieve a proper balance in bilateral relations between the neighboring countries and resulted in a number of direct and indirect confrontations. Whilst the Russian president seeks to restore Russia's great power status, regain its past glory and control strategically important regions of the former Soviet space, Georgia, from the very first day of independence, tries to maintain its sovereignty and territorial integrity, develop modern state institutions, strengthen democratic values and integrate into the Euro-Atlantic structures. The paper aims to study Moscow's current foreign policy strategy towards Georgia following the 'Rose revolution' and argues that Russia's military intervention in Georgia, in August 2008, was a clear illustration of classical realism used by a great power in the XXI century. Russia actively uses hybrid warfare and regularly employs economic leverage on Georgia to eventually achieve its political ends in the Caucasus region.
Russia; Georgia; Occupation; Creeping Annexation; Economy

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