Goran Bandov and Dorotea Ogorec
Goran Bandov PhD, Lawyer and Politic Scientist, Associate Professor at University of Zagreb (Croatia, EU) is a European expert in international relations and international law. Prof. Bandov is a full fellow of Global Young Academy and an associate fellow of World Academy of Art and Science.

Dorotea Ogorec, mag.iur., Lawyer, Expert Assistant in the Department for Legal Affairs and Human Resources Management at the Central State Office for the Development of Digital Society.
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Journal of Liberty and International Affairs | Vol. 6, No. 1 | May 2020
Goran Bandov and Dorotea Ogorec
The paper focuses on the analysis of the problem of defining the crime of aggression in the international law and international relations, focusing primarily on the historical development of the term from its initial directed efforts, all the way to its modern outcomes. Observing in a historical manner, the establishment of the definition of the crime of aggression, as well as its aligning under criminal offences has encountered several obstacles which resulted in a continuous delay of clear defining what exactly would the crime of aggression encompass. In order to fully understand the matter, the importance of several international documents is undeniable, especially the Charter of the United Nations as well as the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.
Aggression; Rome Statute; International Criminal Court; Responsibility

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