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Valeri Modebadze has an extensive experience of working at various universities as a lecturer and teaching students various courses in Social Sciences. He has worked at the following universities as a lecturer and Professor of International Relations and Politics: Teaching University of International Relations, American University for Humanities, University of Georgia, Euroregional Teaching University, International Black Sea University, The Saint Ilia Martali Tbilisi National University. In 2010-2011 He held the position of the dean of the Faculty of Business and Management at the Teaching University of International Relations. He has also experience of working at various international organizations and companies that are operating in Georgia. Currently, Valeri Modebadze works at Saint Andrew the First-Called University of the Patriarchate of Georgia and Caucasus international University. He is an educational program supervisor of international relations and regional processes and Lecturer of International Relations and Politics. Throughout his career as a university lecturer he delivered lectures at different subjects of Political Science and International Relations, such as Introduction to Politics, International Organizations, International Relations, Negotiations and conflict resolution, Comparative Politics, Public Policy, Political Ideologies, History of International Relations, Geopolitics, the role of NATO in international relations, The role of European Institutions in the International Security System, Foreign Policy Decision Making and International Relations Theory. He has published so far 4 books and 40 scientific articles at different prestigious journals. Currently he is writing a textbook with the title "Foreign Policy Decision Making".
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Journal of Liberty and International Affairs | Vol. 4, No. 3 | January 2019
Valeri Modebadze
This article describes the rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia for achieving regional hegemony in the Middle East. Both states have an ambition to be the leader of the Islamic world and there is a constant struggle between them to dominate Middle East and spread their influence in neighboring countries. Both countries fund militant Islamic movements abroad and are engaged in fierce battle for regional dominance. After the establishment of theocratic regime in Iran, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia vehemently opposed Teheran's ambitions to export revolutions and increase its influence in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia is determined to counter the Iranian revolutionary threat and constantly opposes Teheran's ambitions to dominate the Arab World. Saudi Arabia and Iran often accuse each other of fueling sectarian violence by backing Shia and Sunni militias in Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Lebanon. Both countries try to avoid direct confrontation with each other. Instead of direct conflict, both sides fight each other indirectly and provide varying degrees of support to different camps in nearby conflicts
Hegemony; Iran; Saudi Arabia; Conflict; Middle East

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